Aaryan’s Studio welcomes you to a World of Inked Art ! Centered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Aaryan’s Studio has evolved as a crew of professionals specializing in customized (as well as Aaryan’s Artworks) tattoo art and body piercing. It was started with an artistic philosophy of providing creative tattoos in varied styles and motifs and body piercing in a safe, hygienic and sterile environ. Today it’s proud of its satisfied clientele and the support that it has earned from tattoo lovers pan Gujarat. Aaryan means "one who’s skillfully assembles & is noble“ With over seven years of hard core tattoo designing experience Aaryan the founder of Aaryan’s Studio, has strong cultural roots in this field. Born and raised in Baroda the arty city of Gujarat, since childhood, he was drawn towards pencil sketching, water color art, oil painting, sculpture art, glass painting, body art etc. Thereafter in his early youth, he started pursuing tattooing as a hobby later which was developed into a fully fledged profession. Aaryan holds a Fine Arts graduation degree from MSU, Baroda and is a certified tattoo professional from International Tattoo School, Thailand. Having gained an in depth skill and expertise in this intricate field, Aaryan also has a work backdrop of being associated with International Tattoo Studios.